Assessment Management System (AMS)

Assessment Management System (AMS) has been providing a high quality solution across sectors from licensing, certification and high stakes examinations to corporate assessments and test preparation. AMS has been adopted globally as a platform to increase the versatility of test management and delivery. Computer Based Tests (CBTs) delivered through the AMS have ensured that assessments happen as per norms, overcome infrastructural barriers, maintain test integrity and provide extensive analysis of test performance.

We provides a comprehensive e-Assessment solution, through AMS to cover the entire spectrum of testing which includes formative, summative, diagnostic, surveys and high stake examinations.

Customers choose our AMS platform due to its proven success and history of innovation to meet future needs.

  • A secure mobile test center
  • Online testing optimized
  • Adaptive testing
  • Integration with authentication devices
  • Leverage cloud computing
  • Delivery on any mobile device
  • LMS integration
  • Workflows for Collaboration
  • License Management
  • Multi-tenancy


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