Mobile Technology Expertise Training

Our core expertise is on :

  • iOS Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Windows Phone 8 App Development
  • Cross Platform Mobile Apps Developent with Xamarin and Titanium
  • Mac OS X Desktop and Server Administration

iOS 7 App Development – Level 1

  • Understand use of Objective-C in XCode Environment
  • Using iOS Development Tools
  • Understanding MVC architecture and building Scalable Apps iOS
  • Understanding the Core iOS Concepts, Design Patterns Concepts

iOS App development – Level II Intermediate

  • Exploiting the Full capabilities of iOS Frameworks
  • Building Full-scale Apps with Xcode
  • Improve App Performance
  • Integrate iOS 7 Frameworks into Apps

iOS App development – Level III Advanced

  • Apple’s ORM for Data Persistence
  • Advanced Networking Concepts
  • The Apple’s Service Frameworks
  • Integrating Third-Party Frameworks

 Xamarin Mobile Apps Development

  • Understand use of Xamarin Studio for Building Cross Platform Apps
  • Understanding MVC architecture and building Scalable Apps
  • Understanding the Core Concepts, Design Patterns Concepts
  • Creating Shared Projects for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Creating Portable Library Projects for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Minimizing effort and Maximizing Shared Code base for Apps
  • Using the Xamarin Forms for generating Shared UI.
  • Database interactions, Web Services, Networking
  • Packaging the Apps.

Android Application Development

  • Android Overview
  • Android Installation
  • Android SDK
  • Android Advanced View
  • Android Data Storage
  • Broad Cast Recievers
  • Services Background Tasks
  • Multi-media, Networking and Web services
  • Location Based Services
  • Installation and Publishing Android App

Windows Phone 8

  • Installing Windows Phone SDK 8.0
  • Introduction to XAML
  • Basics of Layout and Events
  • Styling and Localizing  the App
  • Understanding Compilation and Deployment
  • Overview of the Windows Phone 8 Emulator
  • Working with the Application Bar
  • Introducing the Coding4Fun Toolkit
  • Setting up the RecordAudio.xaml Page
  • Recording an Audio Wav File
  • Getting Started with the AroundMe Project
  • Working with the Geolocator and Geoposition Classes
  • Understanding Async and Awaitable Tasks
  • Filtering the Results by Keyword
  • Multiple Selection with the LongListMultiSelector
  • Animating Image Search Results
  • Working with the Lock Screen to Display an Image


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